“I waited too long, I should have moved while I was still healthy.”

My client (let’s call her Carol) and her husband (Mike) lived in their colonial for 30 years. Suddenly, both needed medical care in separate facilities. They had full time non-medical care at home and their aides directed us as to what would go to their new, shared home in a care facility.

It took Mike and Carol a couple of tries for them to decide exactly what they would need at their new home in an assisted living facility. It was hard for them to recall from memory, in a stressful and medical situation, exactly what was in their colonial home and what would be essential in their new assisted living home. Our first trip was to retrieve from their colonial, the few items they would need to get settled but when we got to their new home at the assisted living facility we were told my client had decided they would need more items and larger items to make them feel more comfortable. We measured the items they were requesting then, went back to the assisted living center and measured their new rooms to ensure they would fit with enough space in between for a wheelchair to maneuver. The following day their last items were delivered and they were able to move in. Neither client ever returned to that colonial before it was sold.

Mike and Carol would tell everyone considering moving to start making a plan long before you think you need to move, that way if you have an emergency situation you will have some direction that will satisfy you, at the very least in the short term.

As a senior, how do you avoid this type of stressful situation? Create a list of essentials you would take with you if your life was suddenly turned upside down. Leave it out where someone walking into your home could easily find it or with a trusted friend, family member or helper.  Planning for a crisis can create stress initially but not as much stress as loss of control over your possessions and decisions. Decide what you want while you are in charge!

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