I am Deirdre from DeClutter By Deirdre, A Senior Move Management Company and your host for the Magnificent Aging Podcast.

I see people, myself included, trying to navigate the challenges of aging: we are being diagnosed with debilitating diseases, our children are leaving to start college and their own families, our parents are needing more and more of our attention or they are dying-creating an environment of grief, our jobs are being taken away and we find ourselves job hunting for the first time in decades and we are challenged with finding  a job that is at our experience and pay level, we are getting divorced or our partner has died and we are on our own for the first time and on and on. 

Boy, these life events can bring our spirits down, so I wanted to bring helpful, positive information forward to help you and me, the result is The Magnificent Aging Podcast. 

Episodes will uncover ways to navigate through the aging process with grace and courage so we never have to feel at a loss and lonely. 

This podcast will provide a repository for the exchange of helpful ideas and information via guest experts to help better understand our magnificent aging process. 

We will go from feeling alone and scared to feeling supported and confident about our aging process, we just needed someone to tell us how to get through it. 

The Magnificent Aging Podcast includes tips to age well, connect with people, look on the positive side of aging, and offer options available to us to ensure our aging process is magnificent. 

Be sure to subscribe, review, rate and share.

Welcome, I’m so glad you’ve joined me!

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