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Deidre and Taylor Burke: What Do I Do For My Aging Hair?

“The older women are who sit in my chair, I feel the more confident they are.”

“We want to push you out of your comfort box but we don’t want you running for the hills either. “

“I’m the type of stylist that encourages people to embrace their hair, I hate when people keep fighting it.  It’s in your DNA to flatter you.” ~Taylor Burke

Hairstylist Taylor Burke gives us lots of hints to take care of our aging hair.  Why hasn’t someone told me these hints before now???

We discuss women’s dirty little secret, the importance of moisture in aging hair and the very eye-opening reason to clean and massage your hairline daily.

Some easy to implement, result-based hints include:

  • How many times a week should you wash your hair?
  • Why/how to use dry shampoo (did you know it comes in colors?)
  • Shampoo or conditioner, which has the most effect on your hair?
  • Should you purchase higher-end products from Goldwell or Bumble and bumble for example or do lower-priced or more generic work just as well?
  • Should you change your shampoo often?
  • How to embrace your hair to flatter you and who you are
  • How to prevent breakage
  • Which products to use for aging hair?
  • Which works best for our aging hair: mousse, gel, oil?
  • The best way to treat curly hair
  • The most flattering hair length for mid-lifers
  • How often should we cut our hair?

Leisure time is spent with her adorable daughter

Taylor’s favorite ice cream? Cookie Jar

What song reminds you of your youth and why?  Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, anything 90’s

Contact Taylor Burke, TJ Hair Studio, Sandy Hook, CT (203) 304-1362

Website: tjhairstudio.com

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