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Deirdre Speaks to Author/Speaker C J Golden About Caregiving

“Our resolutions are only as powerful as the ways in which we tackle them.  Sitting back and wishing things were different/better/happier/more peaceful doesn’t cut it.  Digging in and being active participants in creating the changes we aspire to in our lives and our world is the way to make our declarations move from vision to reality.”   C J Golden, One Pedal at a Time

“No one tells you to care for yourself.” C J Golden

“You get bitter or you get better:

It’s that simple. Take what has been dealt

 to you and allow it to make you a stronger

person, or allow it to tear you down.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.”

~Rehabilitation Gym at Spaulding Hospital

C J Golden relied on her husband Joe to be her caregiver after back pain caused her to be immobile, then the tables were turned.  Deirdre talks to author/speaker C J Golden about:

  • The balance of caregiving before Joe got ill
  • The progression of illness
  • Magical Thinking explained
  • How a strong person learns to be vulnerable
  • Joe and George Clooney
  • How CJ handled caregivers stress
  • The Cracks
  • The importance of asking for help
  • The importance of accepting help
  • Gratitude & attitude & acceptance
  • Anger that tears us down the most
  • The large and small ways C J took care of herself
  • Do for yourself
  • When forgiveness steps in
  • Our choice to be a caregiver
  • Ways to help the caregiver in your life
  • The difference between doing what you want and what the caregiver wants
  • The importance of asking for the type of help you need.

C J’s Favorite ice cream: Ferris Acres Creamery Pumpkin

Favorite Song: anything by Bobby Darin

Leisure Time: Cabin in the woods, hiking, guitar playing, exercise

“As the author of Tao of the Defiant Woman: Five Brazen Ways to Accept What You Must and Rebel Against the Rest,  and its subsequent book for teen and pre-teen girls, Tao-Girls Rule: Finding Balance, Staying Strong, Being Bold in a World of Challenges, Golden has been writing, blogging, speaking and facilitating workshops for national and local women’s and girls’ organizations.  She continues to help women and teens find joy along their life paths despite the struggles they may encounter

Golden’s latest writing remains focused on her new life as a caregiver to her husband, Joe. Paramount are the lessons she has learned, the emotional and physical strain upon her heavily-burdened shoulders, and the realization that, while their roles as husband and wife have been altered, their connection and love have grown stronger.”

C J Golden books available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble

How to get in touch with CJ Golden authorcjgolden@gmail.com, to learn more https://www.cjgolden.com/ 

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