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Deirdre Speaks to Certified Elder Law Attorney Ann Fowler-Cruz about Wills and Trusts

“This is a gift to your loved ones…to do it the right way.”

“Inheritance is a gift, not a right.”  ~Ann Fowler-Cruz, Attorney

In this episode Deirdre and Attorney Ann Fowler-Cruz discuss:

How to find the courage to create a will

How Ann chose her Elder Law career

Certified Elder Law Attorney explained

Why people resist created a will

The reasons you need a will

Which age you should create a will?

Intestate explained

The importance of title on asset

Ways to inform beneficiaries who gets what

Who holds the will?

Legal requirements for a will

Can you appoint someone to be your executor without them knowing?

If you are the executor of a will is this written in stone?

Nomination vs appointment

The importance of a backup

Creditor period, what is it?

Do you need just a will or a will and a trust?

Living Will vs Healthcare Directive vs Power of Attorney vs Trusts explained

The important reason you need a will or a trust if you have children under the age of 18 years.

Check your state laws

Will contests explained

The reason you should engage a Certified Elder Law Attorney

What is probate? Delay and cost avoidance.

What is a creditor period?

Favorite ice cream: Maple Pecan

Leisure time activity: Any water activities, Kayaking

Song that reminds Ann of her youth and why:  Nothing But A House Party, J Geils

Contact Attorney Ann Fowler-Cruz 203-749-5570 or email afowler-cruz@cohenandwolf.com

“Ann has been a staunch advocate for the elderly and the disabled for more than a decade.  She has the distinction of being a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) by the National Elder Law Foundation* and is accredited to practice before the Department of Veterans Affairs. Her extensive knowledge in the area of elder law enables her to assist the elderly and the disabled in realizing the very best quality of life.  Her elder law practice focuses on long-term care planning, asset preservation strategies, Medicaid applications, disability planning, utilizing conservatorships/guardianship and special needs trusts. Her estate planning practice includes the creation of wills, trusts, and advance directives. Ann also handles probate administration. ” Copied from Cohenandwolf.com

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