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Thank You Letter  

After we brought Mom back to NJ to be with us two years ago, we

Gina and Melanie   
Thank You Letter  
Gina and Melanie   

After we brought Mom back to NJ to be with us two years ago, we fully expected to return within months to tend to the apartment and bring back important items. Well, we had our hands full. Between jobs, family responsibilities and seeing Mom as often as possible, the months flew by. As you know, we never did find time to go back to Florida. When it became clear that we were going to have to sell Mom’s place, we were totally overwhelmed when we realized the job we faced. Finding the time to fly to Florida, sort through the contents of the apartment, arrange for donations and shipment of furniture and personal belongings up north, was a huge job that we didn’t have the time or the energy to do. We were so stressed at the very thought of all that had to be done. Luckily, we heard of your business and called you right away. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

DeClutter By Deirdre

A Senior Move Management Company

DeClutter By Deirdre was started because I had family members, friends and parents of friends ask me to help them.  I’ve seen what it’s like for family and friends to be so overwhelmed because of physical illness or brain failure or just life’s stresses, this is really personal to me and my team.  I thought if I can use my skills along with caring, trustworthy, compassionate people, to help you be less stressed, I’m going to do it!  We help you and your family find time, money and freedom, it provides us with a lot self-satisfaction when our clients tell us they couldn’t have done it without us.

If you or someone you know could use our help or know of a group I should speak with please let me know.

Deirdre Dolan Nesline

DeClutter By Deirdre,
A Senior Move Management Company

Deirdre sorts through and declutters homes so people can age in place or project manages the whole relocation process to a new home. She grew up in Bethel, CT where she worked in her family’s 125 year old business. Deirdre started what is now DeClutter By Deirdre after telling a friend how she loved helping friends and relatives with their finances, sorting items, decluttering, organizing their homes and/or project manage a move as they transition through their lives. That friend told her she could create a business doing those things for others and her decluttering and Move Management Company was born. She is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, Coalition of Agencies Relating to Elderly Services, Connecticut Geriatric Council and Senior Care Resources of Western Connecticut.

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  • National Association of Senior Move Managers
  • Senior Care Resources
  • Connecticut Geriatrics Society
  • Coalition of Agencies Relating to Elderly Services