Tag: #buttertubs

How accurate is this meme?  People keep plastic tubs without thinking.  The tub gets emptied, washed and stacked with the other 99 tubs in the cabinet. These tubs are great for storage but as the meme points out, you never know what is in them and the stored food tends to get forgotten and is then thrown away instead of consumed.  Take a hard look at your piles of tubs, how many do you really need?  One for the protein course, one for the green vegetables, one for the orange/yellow vegetables, one for the starch, one for the gravy/salsa/sauce and one for salad.  That’s about 6, only 6.  Get rid of the other tubs, this will keep your organization on track, no more tubs?  Eat what’s in them, no waste, no guilt throwing out spoiled food.http://www.memes.com/img/762317